Whole 30 Challenge

I’ve decided to commit to the Whole 30 challenge for the month of July. After having a baby, I expected to hate my body and be upset about the wear and tear that pregnancy can have on a woman. But surprisingly, by God’s grace, I really don’t hate my body. In fact, I’m more motivated to be healthy now than I ever have been, not because I hate my body but because I’m excited about health. I want to model health for my son and commit to living a healthy lifestyle for our family. I just want to grab those mamas who hate the way their bodies look and give them a great big bear hug and tell them they’re beautiful and not to worry about how they look. Just try to be healthy. As long as you’re trying, that’s good enough.

I want to do Whole 30 because I tried it last year (before pregnancy) and made it a “whole 8.” I really enjoyed those 8 days, but I was under the impression that I was about to move back to India and decided I’d rather enjoy all the Tex-Mex and Margaritas possible before doing so. But alas, plans changed and now I’m here, ready to do the Whole 30 challenge again, but this time actually make it the whole 30 days. I am super motivated! I’m hoping that I don’t lose momentum along the way. I ran for the first time in almost a year the other day, and I made it half a mile before having to walk. I’m not a natural runner, so that was a huge success for me! I want to continue running as I do the Whole 30 and increase my endurance.

Another thing I’m curious about is my milk supply. Since I’m nursing, I look for any and all ways to increase my supply and to be honest I pretty much obsess over it. I’m thinking that an increase in nutritious veggies and lean proteins can do a nursing mama a lot of good. But we’ll see!

I just went to the grocery store and loaded up in preparation to start in 4 days. I’m really looking forward to it!


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